Why join?

Queen Obsidian and member Julie at an Audrey Hepburn night at the Memories Convention

The Red Hat Society (RHS) is a fabulous way of getting out and having fun.  The idea behind the RHS is to not fade away into the background as you get older – but to be loud and proud.  It’s also about celebrating age, and living life to the full!

Fun & Frivolity!

The dress code is about shunning the normal conventions of how an older woman is supposed to dress.  Instead of being demure and sensible – we do the opposite!  Bling and loud colours is what we wear!  It’s the world-wide symbol of the Society and something that allows you to be instantly recognisable as being part of the Red-Hat-Family.

Many Hatters see it as an opportunity to play dressups of sorts.  Collecting a lot of bling, wearing big hats and bright colours.  It makes a big change from our everyday lives, and it almost lets us become someone else for a little while.

A group of Hatters from the 2016 Tasmanian Cruise!

You can laugh and be silly!  You don’t need to worry about your wrinkles and saggy baggy bits, or if you bum looks big in those pants, and definitely don’t worry about politely declining a second helping of cake.  Sometimes we even have “Dessert first” meals!

It’s all about having a great time and not caring what other people think!

So grab your hat and some bling – and give it a go!


Pinkies too!!

What about the younger ladies?  You might be thinking “Why on earth should I join a group of old ladies who wear strange hats?

If you’re not yet 50, it may seem like a weird thing to want to do.  But you may be surprised.

I think many women when they get to about 35 start looking at their age more negatively – starting to get closer to the “dreaded 40”, and that means they are starting to get “old”.  There’s increasing pressure to still look young.  To cover grey hair, buy wrinkle creams and spanx.  You’re not often surrounded by things that show aging as a good thing.

I feel that is one of the great things about the Red Hat Society.  It celebrates age and even gives women something to look forward to when they hit that milestone.  “Pink Hatters” are actually excitedly looking forward to their 50th birthday, because they then get to “REDuate” and wear the red hats.

As a Pink Hatter (“Pinkie”) myself, I was very nervous about my first outing with the Red Hatters, wondering if I’d feel like I was the baby of the group, and wondering if I would have anything in common and if I’d fit in.  But I was really surprised – to me the age difference didn’t matter at all and I had a fabulous time!  It inspired me to create my own chapter so I could introduce my friends and other “Pinkies” to the society.  Now I have my own chapter and am part of another chapter – surrounded by a HUGE sisterhood of fabulous Hatters!