The Red Hat Society Defining Dresscode

(It’s not just attire, it’s Hattire!)

The #1 rule in the Red Hat Society is to be appropriately dressed, and by that I don’t mean not wearing a swimsuit to the opera, or leather chaps to the supermarket!  There is a very specific dress code for the society, and it must be worn to every event.  Think of it as the uniform for the society.  It is known as “The Colours

Women over 50 (“Red Hatters”) are to wear purple clothing and a red hat.  Women under 50 (“Pink Hatters”) are to wear lavender clothing and a pink hat.

The exception to this is on your birth month, and the month of the birth of the society (April), where you may reverse the colours, so you would wear a purple or lavender hat with red or pink clothes.

What exactly you wear, however, is up to you.  The colours are the “uniform” but the actual clothing is whatever you want it to be.  You are not required to wear solid colours, prints are fine.  Any shade of “purple” is acceptable and you can also mix it up with a purple top and red skirt, or a red cardigan over a purple outfit if you wish.  The important thing is to be wearing the red and purple colours – as a symbol of our society.  Different gatherings will likely call for different types of outfits and different amounts of “Bling” (We’ll get onto bling in a moment!).

Your “hat” can be a head accessory of any kind – a miniature top hat, a sombrero, a pirate hat, a fascinator – whatever takes your fancy.  Basically just something hat-like that you wear on our head.  Although your head adornment does need to be large enough to be obviously part of your RHS attire, as it is the main defining feature in our Society  (it’s in the name after all!).  If you can’t see it from 10 metres away, it’s not big enough!!!

The Hats should be predominantly the colour for your age (eg red) but can be decorated with other colours.  Typically Red Hatters wear a red hat with some purple decorations, however red decorations or decorations of other colours would be acceptable as well.

Hats may be removed at an event if they would be a nuisance to others (eg at a cinema).  Some ladies also like to have different hats and fascinators to wear depending on the situation – for example a straw hat for a pool party and an elegant pillbox hat for a cocktail party.


Most Hatters like to accessorise, and sparkly rhinestone “BLING” is somewhat of a tradition in the RHS.   It is an excuse to be as flamboyant as you like!   Feather boas, sashes, jewellery, pins (brooches), evening gloves, novelty glasses and all sorts of bling.  This is a personal choice, but again any accessories like gloves and sashes would generally fit with the purple/red or lavender/pink colour scheme.  You can choose whether to accessorise in the colour of the hat or the clothes, or a mixture of both.  For example you may like to have a red hat, handbag, feather boa and shoes, with a purple dress and purple gloves.


We have a pintrest board for Red hat Society inspiration – http://pinterest.com/millinerymadame/red-hat-society-inspiration, there is also the Red Hats Victoria pinterest board.  You can also google “Red Hat Society” and look at the images for ideas.

Pink Hatters may have a little trouble finding pictures of “Pinkies” for inspiration as there doesn’t seem to be many pictures around, but in many cases you can take inspiration from anything red/purple and change the colours to pink/lavender.