Chapter Guidelines

The aim of the Red Hat Society is fun, frivolity and to be a “Disorganization” – but there are still a few rules & guidelines to help everyone get the most enjoyment out of the society (including the Queen!).

These are the Chapter Guidelines for our chapter. They can be summarised as:

Wear your colours, RSVP and Participate!


Women over 50 (“Red Hatters”) are to wear purple clothing and a red hat.  Women under 50 (“Pink Hatters”) are to wear lavender clothing and a pink hat.

Attending any Millinery Madames event/outing means you are part of the society, and this is the expected mode of dress.  See our Hattire page for more information on the attire.

In the Millinery Madames, we relax that rule a bit to allow Pink Hatters to also wear purple (instead of lavender) if they cannot find suitable clothing in “lavender” or “lilac” shades (as it can be a bit difficult).  So long as the Pinkies try to pick purples that are as light in colour as possible, and have some form of obvious pink hat as well as preferably a lavender scarf or accessory to help make it obvious you’re a Pink Hatter.

The Millinery Madames has a $2 fine for members attending without a hat or form of obvious headwear, because we don’t want to see any naked heads! :Þ

Anyone participating in Red Hatting activities should be a supporting member of the official Red Hat Society (RHS)  –  however proof of membership will not be required to attend Millinery Madames events, your RHS membership is your responsibility.  Supporting membership to the RHS costs $30USD per year, and can be paid online at the RHS webpage (

Millinery Madames has a $5 annual membership fee for being part of the chapter, which helps cover costs of running the chapter such as the yearly registration fee to keep the chapter officially registered with the RHS.  You’ll also be provided with a free name badge and chapter badge, to show you are part of our chapter.

We do require members to be women over the age of 25.


Outings / Hoots / Gatherings
In order to provide outings convenient to all members, Millinery Madames may have outings on weeknights, weekends and during the day on week days.  For example there may be a shopping trip and morning tea organised for a weekday for those who have daytimes free.  Or there might be a dinner organised on a weekend for those who work during the week. It is understandable that some times/days will not be convenient for all members, as well as their being times where illness or other obligations may mean a member cannot participate in all outings.

Activities we do are varied, we have meals in cafes/restaurants, go to the movies, stroll around botanical gardens, go op shopping, have crafting days, visit art galleries, play bingo, have picnics and all sorts of things.

RSVPing to gatherings is important, as numbers will be needed for bookings etc.  You should RSVP as soon as possible, and if something comes up and you are unable to attend, let the Queen know ASAP.


Being in the Red Hat Society is about getting together with your fellow Hatters in your finery for fun and friendship.  As such, you’re expected to be attending events/outings to be able to have the fun and friendship.  As that’s what we’re all about.

While you are not expected to attend every gathering, and the occasional illness or unexpected absence is fine –  it is expected that you maintain a level of participation that shows you are still an interested member of the chapter.

Bringing a friend
You may NOT bring a friend (or any other person) along to gatherings unless it is advertised as a gathering that is open for newcomers/guests/friends to participate and/or you have discussed this with the Queen beforehand.  If you have a friend who may like to join us, contact the Queen, who may make arrangements for an open outing they can participate in, to introduce them to the chapter, or have them make an application from this website (see the “join us” link).

Unless specifically invited, husbands, partners and children are not to be brought to any gathering.  As the Red Hat Society is a group for women – men and children are generally not permitted to attend.


Some of these rules may be amended or added to as need arises.